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I hunted with them in 2004 they set me up on the edge of a cut corn field, just inside of the timber, and told me that if i seen one i could shoot anywhere visible (meaning they owned/leased it) Deer movement was slow to say the least and when i did see what id call a shooter buck (just for the fact that there was nothing else) 135'' 9pointer making his way into the field (this is gun season) i let him walk out and as i prepared for the shot, out on nowhere KABOOM, down he went. The people that did own the land took him. Me not knowing anything about the land or whom owned it wasnt about to go and confront them. Next thing i know here comes a john deere gator with 3guys on it picked up the deer and headed out, like they owned it. I tole my guide and he must have been a rookie with IMB, and he told me "Im pretty sure thats our land, I will find out for sure". The other bad thing is they way overhunt there property, there were around 20 guys in camp that week, i hunted stands that had more human foot trafic than deer. It was like they were rotating us behind each other......ending on a good note, food was good, thats about it......
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