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I have hunted with IMB before, during late october going into November. Everything seemed very well orgainized when I arrived everything seemed pretty nice. Like most outfits they tell you not to guide the guide. I have been a guide before doing it mainly privately and for friends as favors. So to me I welcomed the idea of someone else doing all the dam work. The guide I had worked very hard and really seemed sincere about his quest to get me a deer. But thats about all the good I can Say. The hunting ground they hunt is overhunted big time. they have way to many hunters in the woods compared to available property. The work effortgoing into the season they put forth was awful. I pride myself on have the best possible stand set ups. I had sets where there were no shooting lanes(that happened a lot). I also had sets with stands that have been there for 10 years and the deer have adjusted. One stand was about 60 yards from the trail the deer were using. The trail looked like cows were on it, but the guide claimed he never saw it. I saw it in the dark on my way in with no flash light if that gives you an idea. They put me in stands that other customers had placed and the guides had no knowledge of. I dealt with other hunters walking out under my set because thats the way the guides told them to leave if they wanted to get down. I even took time to help them clear shooting lanes and set up new stand sites, yet i was paying them. I know that people embellish a lot on there bad reviews, you cant make everyone happy. But this place just doesnt have the dedication neccessary for the volume of hunters.The buck to doeratio was about1 buck for 15 does as i keptmy own records. I saw two bucks about 120 maybe, they said they wereprobably shooters. they werentat all.I didnt go there expecting to geta deer,but i expected to get a better outfit considering they call them selves the"best in the midwest" note none of the guideslive there. Maybe im justto picky having done it myself for so long but i was extremelydisappointed in the level of over all effort. My guide worked hard but you have to work hard year round, not the week of.In camp there were 20 hunters approximatley and only 1buck shot.The deer barely made the cut off of 125,I think they gave it some needed inches. Most hunters I talked to seemed very disappointed. Some had good reasons, others didnt. Some people do itto themselves. Two guys that hunted with my guide have no reason to complain considering they didnt hunt hard and take the neccessary steps, like scent control and staying in the stand. Be careful reading reviews somepeople complain because they didnt get one andothers complain because the outfitter actually sucks. Even ifI shot a deermy overall impression wouldnt havechanged. To me it was about the whole experience. I had already arrowed a 150+ inch deer two weeks before i went to IMB on my private farm I have. I honestly didnt expect to beat that in the same season. But i did expect to see a first rate place, and that just didnt happen.
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