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Default RE: seeking some help on some Mathews bows

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Keep the SB. IMO it is a better bow than either the DXT or Drenalin. It shoots better, holds steadier, more forgiving, and to my ears quieter.

Or if you must get a new bow get the new S2 or SB-XT.

It's not a must for me to get a new bow at all and there are probably other things that could be more useful to me than a new bow. Thanks for some of these opinions...I actually haven't heard anyone say before that the SB was a more quality bow. The main reason why I was at this point leaning towards the Drenalin was 29.75 seems to short for a hunting bow IMO. This is also the same reason I have an 05 Switchback instead of the XT.

Like I said earlier I hadn't had enough time shooting the bows to make a decision yet just a few shots out of both of them.
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