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Default RE: seeking some help on some Mathews bows

i've been looking for a new bow myself lately and like you i prefer mathews after shooting some other brands. i went and shot a dxta couple weeks ago and fell in love with it immediately, only issue i had with it is the sharp string angle caused by the short ata length, but thats something i believe i would get used to after a few shots. other than that, it was great, smooth draw, no hand shock whatsoever,very fast.anyway, i haven't shot the drenalin yet, but i was told the drenalin and the dxt are essentially the same bow, besides the dxt being two inches shorter and marginally faster. i plan to decide after shooting both and seeing which one fits me better, but at my local pro shop the drenalin costs about fifty more dollars than the dxt, so chalk up one for the dxt lol
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