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Default seeking some help on some Mathews bows

I have lately freed up some funds and have seriously thought about purchasing a new bow. I currently have a Switchback and it's a great bow. I have tried out other brands (Ross, Bowtech, Hoyt, PSE, and Parker) and to me Mathews has always been my favorite.

Anyways on with the question. I shot the Drenalin last year when it came out and fell in love with it. Shot the DXT a few weeks ago and though it too was a great bow. I have not had the time to play with these 2 bows enough to make an educated decision on which one to get.

Is the extra money really worth 2 shorter inches and 2 fps faster? The guy didn't have any Drenalins on hand ready to shoot at the time so I wasn't able to put one up against the other. I haven't made my mind up 100% to get a new one as my Switchback has done everything asked of it. Also I know in a few months the new Mathews bow will be hitting the market.

Just curious on what some of you have thought about these 2 bows.
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