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Default RE: Official Team 36 Thread.

i will go with what you guys decide i like them all

i will be hunting in northern indiana
we have about 600 acres that borders the dunes national lakeshore
and we have monsters
in the last 5 years we have taken bucks anywhere between 120's all the way up to 201 5/8 and have seen bigger than that we didn't have any luck last year because of the bumper crop of acorns so the deer had no need to come to the feilds till night to eat
i am hopin this year will be little bit better i have seen a few good ones but one that blew my mind he was about 34 in. wide with G-2 about 14-15 inches tall and a drop tine that was about10 inches with a huge ball on the end
so hopefully i can connect with that dude
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