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ORIGINAL: oldelkhunter

They were close to 1000 brand new and I ran into a few at gun shows that were 300 win mags and usedfor a little less. I was under the impression that Sako sold them receivers that were drilled and tapped with no dove tails and MR then put on the Krieger barrel and put it in a aftermarket stock. Theres a lot of guns to pick from at that price point these days.
I've saw a couple of those on GunBroker. All the ones I've saw have either a Bell and Carlson or HS stock, and blued actions, this one has a stainless action. So I'm not sure if it was custom ordered different or what. I e-mailed MRI to see whats up with it. And the gun shop was closed today and monday, so come tuesday I will know more.
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