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Default RE: Official Team 36 Thread.

hunting deer in september is awesome! i love getting a doe on the ground in sept. i've done that 7 of the last 8 years. takes all the pressure off the rest of the season for me.

we've have a mid-october doe only gun season the last few years. it's only open in a few areas in minnesota, including my zone. i hate it! everything is nocturnal after that point. my area is really overpopulated. i wish guys would shoot a few more does and leave the little bucks alone. i think i'm the only one in my county that feels that way though [:@]

guys, we should come up with a captain and a team name. i don't think we have to wait for the last person to sign in. we can at least get started. i have no ideas though [8D] i just would prefer it's something original/unique. not, lung busters, or rack attack, etc. but it doesn't really matter, i won't put up a fuss.
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