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Default RE: Predator & Small Game Contest?

I appreciate the confidence Jrb, but melsheeba emailed me and I gave the "go ahead" to her. If the contest runs into a snag, we can all get it worked out, but I pretty much agree to keep it simple like it was last year, and have the one thread with all the scoring and pics. on it. Of course, we're already being told that a certain 3 of "can't" be on the same team, BUT if the teams are drawn randomly then it certainly is a possiblity, right melsheeba???? We just got lucky last year that the teams ended up like they were, and who knows, this year, there certainly could be some "new players" that could have a larger impact than one of else that was in it last year.
We do need to keep the "small game" and "predator" contests seperate, that is for sure.
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