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Default RE: red dot sight for slug gun

FWIW- I use a red dot scope on my crossbow and its extremely acurate to app.50 yards. From what i have seen they are suitable out to around 75 yards for a sort range weapon. I have read that each red dot scope's MOA can vary from onescope to another which plays a part in its effectiveness. I would believe that for anything over 75 yards you would want some type of magnification which would exclude a red dot scope therefore 150 yards would be too much for the typical red dot scope.All of myguns are scoped anywhere from 1-4x to 3.5x10 power. If I was limiting myself toa firearm app 75 yards and i wanted to use a red dot I would look for one that cost more since you get what you pay for in optics. I use a Zeiss Z-point on my crossbow which is excellent but will go for 400.00 NIB or about 300.00 a couple of years old. I do not know much about the tru-glo red dot but for that price I would consider its usefullness. If you are set on a reddotlook to one that goes for around 150.00. I do not know that much about the different ones but something from Burris sounds pretty good. i hope that someone with more knowledge in this area will respond to this post.
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