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Default RE: Look maw, no wheels (pics)

Well i think the problem with arrow kick has been solved. I was only getting it when i shot split fingers but it goes away when i switch to three under with very little contact with knock and glove. I raised my anchor to middle finger anchored in mouth. Weird for me at first but i have gotten my groups to tighten down now doing this, and i get a better feel for the instinctive aiming I think the combo with a new leather glove and bad release using split finger was my problem. Im reading some very good advise from all you guys and have took them ALL into consideration. Thank you for putting up with me
TFOX... its my bow shoulder, not the draw one. I have already got that one fixed When i first tore it i could not do vegas league onHNI from fatigue and had to quit. Now it dosent bother me shooting but gives me problems in other areas. Im still thinking of getting it repaired in Dec. []Now excuse me guys while i go bowfishing

So Dan,how is that no letoff on the shoulder?

I might pull out the old Kodiak with wood this year if my shoulder is up for it.

Right now it feels great with almost no pain when shooting but it is weaker and some soreness afterwards but that is a boatload better than before.
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