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Default RE: Rifled slugs in the smooth bore?


A rifled barrel does not improve the accuracy of rifled slugs so the rifling benefit is wasted.

Really!? Your going to have to explain the theory behind that one to me. Any time you spin a projectile it will be more stable at longer distances. And the fins on a rifled slug don't actually impart any spin to the slug, they are there so the slug crushes and will fit through different sized chokes. They remain stable in flight because of the weight forward design, much like a shuttle cock in badmitten. They actually make foster slugs to be shot out of rifled barrels. I used to use Brenneke Gold Magnums.

I have owned both rifled barrels and smooth bores and shot various rifled slugs out of both. There is definitely an accuracy advantage with a rifled barrel over a smooth bore. My smooth bore was lucky to get 3 inch groups at 50 yards. My H&R ultra will clover leaf rifled slugs at 100 yards. Until the barrel fouls out that is, which is about 4 or 5 shots.

Shooting rifled slugs out of a rifled barrel will not hurt it, it just makes one hell of a mess when you clean it. It will take you much longer to clean it as well. The advantage of the newer sabot rounds is they actually perform better on game and will have more range than a rifled slug. Most of the sabot rounds are controlled expansion type bullets designed for game, where as a rifle slug is just a huge chunk of lead pretty much. Also a 1 ounce 50 caliber bullet will be longer than a full bore 1 ounce slug so it should be more stable in flight and have a better BC I believe.

The rub is they are very expensive. This is why I went back to my muzzle loader. It is just as accurate (more accurate actually) and doesn't cost as much to shoot.

And don't expect 2 inch groups out of a smooth bore with foster slugs. Not saying it can't happen but it certainly is not the norm. Most can't get that kind of accuracy with a rifled barrel, premium sabot rounds and a scope.

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