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Default RE: Rifled slugs in the smooth bore?

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I bought an 870 combo it comes with both the rifled barrel has twists in it and a smooth bore barrel for turkeys and small game. I am new in the world of shotguns.

My question is I bought some Remington slugger rifled slugs thinking that I should use them for my rifled barrel with twists in it. However, when I read the box on the slugs it tells me NOT to use them in a demascus or rifle twisted barrel.

Should I keep these and just use and use them in the smooth bore barrel that was desinged for small game?

I really do NOT want to have to spend $12 for a box of 5 rounds compared to the $4 that I paid for these.
Where did you buy the Remington slugger rifled slugs at ?
Maybe they would swap them for sabots.
Just an idea

I hope they will. Good Luck.
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