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Paul L Mohr
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Default RE: how to hook up my video camera

You are most likely going to need some sort of analog to digital converter unless your camera has a digital out, or you have a really nice video card that can handle that sort of thing. The only converter I am familiar with is the Dazzle units. I had one and the hardware worked ok, but the software was crap. It kept crashing locking up and crashing my computer. I believe they also make video capture cards as well. I don't know what they cost for sure.

Unless you have a MAC, from what I understand they are already capable of doing this. Never looked at one though.

As much as I hate to say it your best bet is to invest in a digital video camera if you want to do lots of video on your computer.

There is a ghetto work around for it though. If you have a digital still camera that will do short video clips you can plug your video camera into your tv and video tape it with your digital camera off from the tv. It might not work because of the synch rates though. And the quality will not be great either. But then again it's you tube, most of those videos look like crap anyway.

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