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Chuck, we came from I-95 to hwy 60 to sr 512/Babcock st to fellsmere. Stick marsh turn off is maybe 7 miles north of 60 and signs indicating. Canal 54 runs east and west and the 7 mile drive along it to the boat ramp is a long dirt road seperating brevard county and indian river county. (E&W canal) The water at the stick is tainted in colour and the stumps we connected with some nice bass were just outside the ramp going sw. Just because you don't see stumps doesn't mean there not there. Depending on the wind, let it drift you and conserve battery power but the sw part of the stickmarsh is when we finally located them. Water depth from 4 ft to 14ft + -. When fishing it you have to visualize a submerged orange grove and how its contoured. In rows. My brother and I lost some big boys and my brother had a 10 lb plus hooked and broke the water and lost it but I acted as I didn't see it.Its taken us a few years to pattern them but I know where to go next time when I go and I know what to use. Each body of water is different and homework helps over a period of a few years. We went to Palm Bay and got a room at Super 8 for $51.00 and were on the water 45 minutes later at daybreak. If you want to catch some big bass, thats the place to go but I'm sure if I went there earlier I could of caught some nicer size hawgs. I think I be back there by the end of the year and try it again when it isn't so hot and during the spawn.

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