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Default RE: Leupold Scope concerns

whats happening id its getting knocked out of sight because of it being mounted so closed to the barrell
Unless a scope is actually touching the barrel that isn't possible.

You couldn't give me a VXL or VX7 with that stupid lense system on those.

First,you don't actually have the amount of glass that a normal 50 or 56mm would have due to the cut out so you are loosing low light performance compared to al full lense of the same diameter. I don't know the calculations to figure it out but I would suspect that if someone measured and did the calculations ofthe actual surface area of the two styles of lenses I beta 56mm VXL has close to the same glass surface as a 50mm round lense and very near the same performance with out the added weight.

Second, they have to make the scope tube larger and heavier in order to secure the objective lense in the tube. They can't simplythread the lense retaining ring into the end of the tube and tighten itlike they can on a round lense. They must make the tube large enough for several screws to pass between the glass and tube to secure the lense retaining ring. Compare them side by side to a scope of equal mm next time you are in a store and you will see how they have to make the tube bigger to accomodate the screws.
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