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Default RE: Excal Y25 Impressions

My post at the beginning of this thread is MY IMPRESSIONS, of[/b] the Y25 that I received. Those impressions have nothing to do with anyone elseís Y25. Because I decided I did not like several things about that particular Y25 every body goes on the defensive as if I am attacking their Y25. What a crock! Everyone has their opinions, likes and dislikes. If you like your Y25 or other Excalibur crossbow, good for you. If you think they are the best thing since sliced bread, thatís great. Donít pee in my cereal because I had one with problems and I decided I donít like it.

I make my own decisions and form my own opinions and I tell things as I experience or see them If you donít like my impressions or what I said about MY Y25 then donít read the post nor comment about it. I never asked for your opinions and donít want to hear them unless I ask.

If I posted on the TenPoint forum about the advertised speed of a crossbow, that is my opinion. If Iím not happy with it, than that is my decision. I donít have to like the same things you do and I donít have to be satisfied with the same stuff you do.
Itís rea; easy to sit behind your computers and be a ďbetter than youĒ person
I donít want your opinion unless I ask. I donít care if you donít like my impressions of something.

I learn quite well and my mother didnít have to warn me about certain types of people. Thereís nothing to be warned about For the most part they think they are intelligent by trying to start trouble, believe they are tough guys but are normally all hot air and braggadocio. They donít amount to a hill of beans and certainly donít require any concern on my part!

If you people want to criticize than go for it. It dang sure doesnít bother me If I never posted again on these forums I wouldnít lose a minute of sleep over it.

Iíve met some real good people and I notice none of those jumped in to pick apart my posts

To the rest of you, you can kiss my hairy goat smelling arse![:@]
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