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Default Will bears kill manchurian crab apple trees, and do deer like their fruit?

I pulled up a site that sells them pretty cheaply, and says deer, turkey and grouse love them, they like acidic and well drained soil, and put off fruit within a few years. My question is, do deer really like it and when does it drop fruit? Late fall I hope.

Also, will bears kill it? I realize I have to put up an obstruction for the deer, but nothing I can think of will keep bears from getting to them. I want opinions before I sink the money and effort into planting some of these. I have an area that has downed trees in it and want to plant something that will draw deer late in the fall without having to worry about the bears tearing them down.

Thanks! By the way, the other field will be planted according to advice I have received from you all in the past. I am still waiting for it to get dry enough for a lime truck to get back in there!

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