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I have a Nikon Omega Scope (3-9x40) w/Nikopolex Reticle on the way for my TC Omega. I considered the BDC reticle but all of the deer that I have harvested were taken under 100 yards, actually most were under 50 for that matter. I preferred the bold reticle of the Nikoplex vs the thinner BDC. I have seen where several of you like the Leopold quick release base and rings. I am still new to muzzleloading and this will be my first scope ever. I have been hunting for the past 16 years and have always used open sights. I like the idea of being able to easily remove the scope for cleaning purposes and storing in the gun safe. I have read some good reviews about this base and rings and most people seemed pleased with the outcome. If I end up going this route it appears that I will need the medium rings for this setup.

Is this the way you would go? Anything better?


you can't go wrong with the LEUPOLD rings and base ..i just installed that on my T/C ENCORE ..but my question is why use quick release ???? there is no blowback on the T/C MUZZLELOADER ..i like to keep it simple the less moving parts you have on scope mounts = less problems..
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