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I work in Alaska and need a new set of arrows for this bow to shoot at targets in the tundra at low points in the day. I bought this from a man intent on shooting a moose in Alaska with it that never got around to the hunt. I shot grizzly sticks and was very accurate with them out to a number of yardages, but am interested in shooting wood to really get into the lifestyle of a longbow, the grizzly sticks don't appeal to me however durable and convenient they are. should I get used to a shorter anchor, or are there good pre-fletched arrows out there I could buy a dozen of that wouldn't be underspined for such a large draw weight?

I'm a young kid, 21 years old. not to pull any macho BS or anything but I'm a collegiate varsity oarsmen, so my back muscles are definitely up to the task. I've shot this bow for several months straight up in AK the last few years and feel the heavy draw weight isn't much of a disadvantage to me - I just want my material to perform when I get it is all. any ideas fellas?

p.s. it's a side shelf laminate
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