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Default RE: backyard air gunners?

one thing i've really noticed as a trend in break bbl air rifles is all of the scopes or scope mounts are terrible and should be thrown away. any good suggestions for a good scope? i'll be getting the Quest for ~$100 so maybe a $50 dollar (give or take) scope? i've heard something about bushnell making a decent 3-9x. are there any specific tips for mounting a scope on a springer? i know i should use blue threadlocker on all the hardware but is there anything else?

made a couple feeders today and filled em with a cracked corn/blackoil sunflower mix. some sparrows have visited on the ground where i had scattered bits to attract them to the area but i haven't seen any on the feeders as of yet. only been out for the later half of a day so i'm hoping they'll find em by the end of the week. i'm waiting on a paycheck to get my rifle.[:@]
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