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Default PA bird bites the dust - Allegheny Nat Forest

So the family and I decided to take a trip to PA in the Allegheny National Forest and as always we had a blast. We did a little fishing on the Clarion River and of course I did some turkey hunting. Since PA is a little behind with getting hunting licenses I had to wait a day and get it at the Treasurers office inside the Clarion courthouse. On my way back I saw a game warden and he told me that the birds have been gobbling, but have been shutting up once they hit the ground. So the next morning I went to the spot where I thought would be best according to what I saw on Google earth and got my stuff together and started off toward the coordinates. After about a 15 minute walk I heard my first gobble. Immediately I went after him and got within 100 yards of his roosting site. I sat down and waited till the gobbler hit the ground and gave him an additional 5 minutes before calling. Once I called to him and he gobbled at my calls. I shut up and just filled out the situation to see what his next move would be. After 10 minutes passed he finally gobbled, but a little further from his last position. I then got out my crystal friction call and called with it as well as using my mouth call. I got some what aggressive and he immediately returned a couple double gobbles. He then started to close the distance. After he dropped down this grassy knoll I could see him at 80 yards and as usual he took his sweet merry old time. From what sounded like the same spot he was originally in I heard a hen get fired up. She started to close the distance as well and I almost immediately got more aggressive in hopes of calling her to me and get the longbeard more excited. I usually don't do this especially when I have a visual on the longbeard. As soon as I did that the longbeard came out of full strut and made his way towards me. At 15 yards the ole' National forest bird bit the dust. Some awesome terrain and had a great time with the family thereafter. I'll possibly be heading to West Virginia next week for another week of turkey hunting. My season is winding down and will be hitting the golf course in the next couple of weeks. Good luck to all and hope you enjoy the pics. God bless.

David E.

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