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Default RE: Audio Problems


I've been very happy with it so far. I just wish it was a little better in low light conditions.
Agreed! Here is a list of the various camera models I have...


When comparing equivalent settings for optimum video quality.......

The PD170 is the undisputed lowlight king.

The GL2 is dead last, by a country mile....but it is a good unit to throw in the cab of the pickup truck to capture cutin footage in route. Video quality is really good, it is just the lowlight capabilities that stink.

The other 3 units are a close call in lowlight....

I would rate the XH-A1 as next best in lowlight....just barely ahead of the HVR-Z1U.

The XL2......I cannot make up my mind on this one. It seems about as good as the HVR and XH-A1, but it is hard to tell until you playback footage on a tv. That darn viewfinder is a poor substitute for a quality, high pixel LCD screen. And since we NEVER capture footage without a treearm or tripod, and LCD screen is the way to go.

When we are trailing an animal, the XL2 really shines due to the freehand capabilities.

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