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Default Florida Fishermen/Guides

I am wanting to book a 1 day deep sea fishing for my family of 4. I am looking to also include a 4-6 hour day of bass fishing for them if possible. I would want a reasonable guided trip with all the bait & fishing equipt. furnished. I am wanting to do this in March of 2009 when our girls are on school break.
If anyone can furnish recommendations I will search out the rest. This is a one time thing for the kids to experience. I would like Lake Okeechobee for the bass fishing as I think we would all enjoy just seeing that area.
I am saving my money for this as I type..
Any help will be gretly appreceiated.

I had this ALL set up in La. (Biloxie) & Katrina wiped everything out. We have decided to try again.
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