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Default RE: Good Elk/Moose Gun

There are a handful of cartridges that will kill elk and not recoil much, but he might have to limit his shots to more like 400 yards instead of 500 yards. Though I'd bet money he couldn't hit an elk at that range anyways based on what you've said about him, assuming he didn't decide elk hunting was too hard before then and quit.

Here are some cartridges I'd look at:

6.5X55 (handloaded with properly constructed 140 gr bullets)
6.5X284 (similar to 6.5X55 but with a little more power)
7mm-08 with 140gr bullets
260 Remington with 140 grain bullets

His 25WSSM will kill an elk if he uses the right bullet and limits his shots to reasonable ranges.

Or he could just take up archery hunting. There's nothing like getting close enough to a bugling bull elk to shoot it with a bow.

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