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Default RE: Good Elk/Moose Gun

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Well My friend is looking at geting a Elk/Moose/ Rifle he has a 25 WSSM right now and that is his deer rifle buthe isreally Recoil shy like i meen really really shy he shot my other friends 300 WSM With Managed recoil,BOSS CR., And A Limb Saver Recoil pad and he said it kicked way too much for himhemaybe willbe taking100 yards shots up too 500 yards
The way I see it, considering your friend's inability to shoot a 300 WSM with all those recoil-defeating modifications, is that he has two choices:

A. Get an adequate elk-moose rifle, AND START SHOOTING IT A LOT SO HE CAN MASTER THE THING, (NOT from a benchrest, either!!) or:

B. Forget trying to shoot anything larger than deer. Limit shots at deer to 50 yards or less.

To do A., what he needs to do is start out with a stiff recoiler like a .375 H&H. Learn to shoot it. Then when he switches back to a .300 Mag., or a .338, it will feel like a popgun! To shoot a heavy recoiling rifle well, one has to JUST IMAGINE THATTHE TARGET IS AN ELEPHANT THAT IS GOING TO STOMP YOU IF YOU DON'T HOLD AND SQUEEZE WELL! That will let him get through the first box or so of ammo during practice! It's all down hill from there (PS: Moose are NOT all that hard to kill-a good .270 with a 150-grain Nosler Accubond or Partition bullet is all that's needed. That load'll kill elk too, but a big bull elk is HARDER to kill than a moose!)
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