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Default RE: Good Elk/Moose Gun

7mm 08 and tell him to keep his shots to a realistic range. I can count on 1 finger how many elk &/or moose I have shot over 300 yards. IMHO no need to be worrying about 400 and 500 shots on elk or moose in saskatchewan, especially since most shooters will not practice enough to be proficent at such ranges. I shoot a fair bit each year and consider 500 my max under optium conditions. Reality is even in the bald arse prairie hunting antelope or mulies i have been able to close the distance to be under 500 yards to get an easier poke. I prefer a short iron vs a long iron approach shot, so i defer to getting as close as possible to put it close to the pin!!

If he is buying over the counter ammo a 140gr barnes TSX or Nosler partition would do the trick. If reloading then 140-150 in either of these or similar bullets will work-lots of option as a reloader.

As far as recoil the 7mm 08 would be very similar maybe even slightly less then 25wsm! One of the easiest shooting carts.IE: thewife handles a 7 08 like a champbut for comparison sakes she won't touch one offwith the270.Not recoil shy, she's recoil scared!!!
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