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".... and after many years I finally got to shoot a 270 and a 30-06 again. They both had heavy recoil...."
Some thing(s) is (are) way wrong, I'd wager mostly likely simple fundamentals.

EKM, you are absolutelycorrect, there is something, "way wrong". Until yesterday, I had not shot a 270 or 06 in approx. 30 years. When I was a kid, my dad used to encourage me to shoot his friend's guns every time we visited them. I must admit that I am not a hunter or shooter of high power rifles. To be honest, I have never been deer, hog or elk hunting. This is my first year to obtain a hunting/ fishing license. My main reason for becoming a member of the HuntingNet forum is to learn about game hunting and thenecessary equipment to become an entry level hunter. I am thinking the 243 may be the best bolt gunfor a novice level like myself.
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