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Default RE: Week 5 Scores Talk

ORIGINAL: Rick James

Good shooting ruttnutt!

Is that a hunter face in your avatar? I didn't know we had any other field archers on here.........[8D]

I'll be joining a league this year for the first time. I've shot quite a few field and hunter facegames on local courses, but never in a league and I'm looking forward to that this summer.
Thanks on the shooting

It is a hunter face but I have never really shot field archery. The club I now belong to here in wisconsin is big into field archery so It looks like I will be too this summer!! I was just out flingin' some at 50yds that day. My real passion is 3-deein'!!! My dad the "sliverflicker" got me into 3-d when I was a little terd and I have been hooked ever since!!!
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