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I thought there would be one or two pessimist to chime in and ask why, but I was hoping for more factual replies. But perhaps I am wrong, maybe you just are curious because it is not the norm and people always have a tendency to question anything out of the norm.

For those who ask why? Here is a list of reasons that all add up to make the cost worth it to me…if the reasons indeed are true and suppressors are legal to hunt with.
1) No, a silencer does not take away 100% of the sound, but it does reduce the sound. A lot of individuals do not take the necessary precautions (i.e. earplugs/muffs) to protect their ears while hunting. A suppressor, which reduces the sound, may help prevent hearing loss (of course depending upon the gun, caliber and ammo choice). How much is your ability to hear, worth to you? Can you really put a price on it??? I own a $100 pair of electronic ear muffs to hunt with that don’t work very well because you get what you pay for. Now if I spent $300 to $400 I would have something better, but for that price why not just suppress the gun? (if the noise is reduced to a safe level)
2) People pay to put muzzle breaks on their weapons to tame recoil, which in many cases aids in better accuracy. I am no expert, but a suppressor acts in much the same way so accuracy can be a benefit; while most muzzle breaks increase sound.
3) I hunt with pistols, so the end of the barrel is closer to my ears and some would argue thus the potential for hearing loss is greater.
4) Simply practicing with the gun would be more enjoyable with a suppressor if there is less noise and increased accuracy (except of course for those of you who are shooting big guns just for the feel and sound), however, many guns will have a different point of impact when the silencer/suppressor is removed, and so it could be argued that hunting with the gun set up in the exact manor it is practiced with is crucial to success.
5) When I introduce my children to shooting, less recoil and less noise will provide a more enjoyable experience (maybe I could even get my wife to hunt with me!!!), of course I will start them practicing with a .22, but even if they cannot hunt with the suppressor, practice will be more enjoyable. (Yes, this statement does contradict with number 4, but I feel both statements are valid benefits of suppressors.
6) I shoot and handload for a 7mm-08 Encore pistol (among others). When my children are old enough to take hunters safety and hunt whitetails (12 in WI), I plan on starting them with an Encore rifle (compact barrel and stock) with reduced handloads. The brand of suppressor I am looking at screws on and off from attachments that remain on the barrel of each gun. So with the initial investment in one suppressor I would be able to utilize it on various guns.

Additional thought: I have heard that European countries utilize the use of suppressors simply to reduce noise pollution (perhaps due to smaller countries having smaller parcels of land to hunt on which are closer to populated areas).

Do I know for fact that I will gain the advantages of the above reasons? No, because I don’t have experience with the use of silencers/suppressors, but that is why I was inquiring. I was looking for more information to see what others who have and use silencers/suppressors would say, so that I could make a better informed decision as to whether I would benefit from the investment. Some people don’t hesitate to pay as much (or more) for a scope, than they did for their gun as an enhancement for their eyes and to increase potential accuracy. Is it really that different to pay as much for a piece of equipment that will help protect your ears and potentially increase accuracy?

I plan on passing my guns down to my son and daughter when I reach my final days; if it does not cost my son or daughter additional money to inherit, then look at it as a long term investment that pays off for anyone shooting with it.

Please note: My intentions in this post are not to argue for the use of silencers/suppressors, but merely to gather more information. I think it was valid for the previous posters to question why I was searching for information, but if after reading this post you have a pessimistic view and feel the need to reply or simply want to chime in that you don’t see the point, please consider starting a different thread, it is a free country and you can write what you want; but my hope is that this thread will provide factual information. That’s not to say that I don’t want to hear negative feedback, if you do have a factual experience with the use of suppressors in a caliber similar to 7mm-08, .260, .308, etc… please let me know.
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