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Default RE: Getting my son better at 3-D????

Funny thing Matt, when he was 12-14ish he did not have this problem, its developed over the last couple of years. If im right with him coaching him during target sessions, he's ok, but as soon as i start shooting and glance over at him, he is punching again. As far as Desire, in the hunting part he has tons of it, but shooting 3-d im just not seeing it. I think the thumb release might be worth a try, thanks guys!!

That's a tough depends on his DESIRE to become a better shot. I have a 3D shooting buddy who has the EXACT same technique and he'll never live up to his shooting potential because it goes in one ear and right out the other.

Shooting an index style release for target shooting takes more discipline than I possess. I couldn't do it.
A thumb trigger and learning the right way from the start is an excellent suggestion.

If it's not an option be prepared for long growing pains trying to break that habit of mashing with his index finger. It sounds easy enough to correct in theory but if the mindset isn't there and the dsicipline to stay with it you are peeing up a rope.

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