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Default Getting my son better at 3-D????

Guys, help me out here, my 16 year old son and hunting buddy has developed a bad habit of punching the trigger very bad, his shooting is very marginal at 3-D (i think alot is nerves on the course) he hates crowds. but his bowhunting has been excellent so far, he has several bow kills under his belt with perfect pass throughs, and only one bad hit-in the shoulder resulting in a deer lost.
I have tried and tried to get him out of that habit, what do i need to do to correct him of this??? He just dosent want to lay his finger on the trigger concentrate and shoot, instead he aims while bringing his finger around and then punches it from an inch away. I know he can be an awesome shot if i can break him of it. TFOX i think i had mentioned this to you in KY (but we were drinking ) what do you think, maby start with a blank bale and concentrate on his release, no aiming??????????? HELP IN INDIANA>>>>>>>>>
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