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Default RE: Shoot coming up in a month or two....


Glue in points.

If I have to.....I'll order another set of arrows. I'm likely going to have to to get to the ASA requirements, anyways.

What's your suggestion?

OH!!!!!!!! They will HAVE to be screw in tips for that tourney anyway!

I will get some more arrows.....but I need my guru(s) help!
Well official ASA rules say no points restrictions for HC, so technically you would be legal with glue ins. You also are legal to use short fletchings in HC for the you could use blazers as well. I'd check with your local organization to see if they are using true ASA rules, or modifying them slightly with vane/point restrictions for HC.

Assuming these two things, I'd likely look at a 30x Pro with 100 grain glue in points. According to OnTarget2 you are going to need a 400-420 grain arrow at 52lbs, but if you crank it up to could use a30X Pro cut to 28", with blazers, pin nock, and blazers will end up around 435-440 grains. Crank that bow up to about 55lbs, and then you would be shooting 282..perfect for ASA. This is the fattest and biggest line cutter out there, if you didn't hit the line with these things it's definitely not the arrows fault.

This is almost the same exact arrow setup (slightly shorter) that I used to win my state ASA title in HC. They flew like darts.
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