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You can use either a shotgun mic. (with a 1/8" plug mini-jack) or a wireless set-up that uses 1/8" mini jack on most consumer cameras................unfortunately it is difficult if not impossible to use both a wire-less system and a shotgun mic. as there is usually only one mini jack recepticle on most(if not all)consumer cameras. To get pro audio you will need to upgrade to a pro-sumer camera, most of which use XLR inputs for 2 channel audio or you can get an XLR adaptor that will allow you to use both shotgun and a wire-less set-up(I suppose you could possibly do this on some consumer models if they are compatible).................If I were having to choose between a wire-less system or a shotgun mic........I would opt for the shotgun mic everytime,it will p/u way more ambient sounds (which you want in a woods setting) and will also p/u voices if they are within a few yards of the mic. With a wire-less system you are limited to sound from only what your lapel mic is connected to (hunter, or possibly a turkey or deer decoy) and most ambient sounds will not be picked up.
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