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Default RE: What IS the best crossbow?

Picking a crossbow is similar to picking a spouse. Everyone has their own idea of perfect.
I used a Horton Hunter for a few years and thought it was good, but when I shot an Excalibur the Horton was soon forgotten. I had a buddy that held on to his Horton Hunter for several years after I switched to Excalibur. He finally decided to take a few shots with my Excalibur Phoenix shortly after i got it. We were shooting at 25 yards and I always pull the arrow after i shoot to save on destroying arrows. He put three shots into the same hole in the target his first three shots. He owned an Excalibur Phoenix shortly after that range session and his Horton now hangs in his outdoor shed to serve as a "loaner".
In all fairness, the recurve design is not for everyone. TenPoint is very close to Excalibur on accuracy and good trigger pull. Horton is a good crossbow, but in my opinion if you shoot an Excalibur or TenPoint you mayget an urgeto switch brands. Not saying Horton won't get the job done, but I am saying the Excalibur & TenPoint get it done with ease!
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