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Default RE: What did I just do???

GR8, more than anything it's transfered into KE. And the Airbornes have a ton to spare. For most hunting situations, speed means nothing, it's just human nature to want.

As for logout, he's jumping 40 fps, from 269, to 309 is significant in misjudging yardages. With known distances, that just means his arrow gets there a hmpth faster and a hmpth means nothing. But with faster comes KE and momentum and that's nothing but good when jumping 40 fps. What may have been a bad shoulder shot, now may result into significant penetration in compared to the older setup. I remember many a day back in the day when my KE was way down. I made a couple bad hits on the shoulder, today, my bows blast through it and nothing else really has changed except I uped my KE and momentum.

For you and I, me for example, going from the Allegiance to the 82nd I'm probably going to gain roughly 30 fps. What does that mean to me, nothing except more KE I don't necessarily need but what it can do is allow me to lower my poundage while still out performing my Allegiance with the same arrow. Same arrow, faster, flatter, more KE, less poundage. Win, win, win, win, win. LOL [8D]
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