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*******Please no cheating. I am very limited in how I can regulate cheating. Please know that this league is supposed to be fun and that I really hope to introduce new people to the sport of target archery with this league. Cheating will cause others to become discouraged and not participate and you will be directly affecting everyone involved by doing this. This is all I will say on this, so please use your conscious when submitting those scores. I have no doubt that we are all mature enough here to follow this to a T.

And we won't be your friends if you do cheat, and nobody wants that. Matt turns into the evil twin....That's just no good for everybody.

No, seriously.....There is really just no way to regulate this. Even if we ask for a photo of the target, all someone has to do is take an arrow and punch holes in the target. If your desire to win is that strong, go somewhere else. I just don't want that type of person involved.

With that said.....This is gonna be fun, and I can't wait for Matt to take us all to school. Sure am glad I'm not in the same class as he.....

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