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Default RE: dead deer


deer see and smell death nearly every single day, it won't bother a thing, except your belly!
Exactly! I wouldn't worry about it. And I'm sure coyotes are there all the time too. Deer evolved to live with all of these things....that's why they're so hard to kill.

Nature is a cruel world. The deer and coyotes co-existed prior and will continue too. The fact these 2 deer have made it 2 weeks indicates coyotes aren't really a problem. Here they wouldn't last 2 days, expecially inside the bush where the scavangers can eat without being seen. I have seen way to many coyotes and deer in the same field to think otherwise. Deer watch them and keep their distance may even move off but often reappear after the yoddle dogs have moved off. Coyotesaremore opportunists from my experience, generally small game hunter of rabbits, mice, grouse, etc. Being opportunist they will not pass up a meal on an injured or young larger animal but they aren't anything like a wolf that hunts via pack to take down larger then their size quarry.

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