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Default RE: Any info on Shepherd Scopes

Here’s the link to their site.

My hunting buddy has two of them, one for his .300H&H and the other on his .243 Win and they are a blast to shoot. Both scopes have 1000 yard rings and the .300 H&H has been shot out to 700 yards so far and the .243 has been shot out to 500 yards. The set up claims one shot sighting and for the most part they are right but to really dial it in it might 2-3 shots.

What is really cool is I sighted one and he the other and we both shoot them (both)equally as well. I really like watching the shockwaves come off the bullet while in flight when the weather/sunlight is just right. They are not cheap and it leaves it up to you to take someone else’s word for how they perform, but I truly believe you wouldn't be disappointed.

If they are good enough for the military they are good enough for me!

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