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I have been hearing a lot of rifled slug bbl's don't shoot well with the high velocity stuff , probably the twist rate of the bbl. . You already know to try diff.ammo in each individual gun , they all shoot diff..
Are you comparing a high powered rifle to a slug gun?

The only reasonI mentioned the 280 Rem. is because I shot it right along side the 11-87. WhenI go to sight in any gun, I always bring one or twoI know is shooting good.If I'm having problemsgetting the oneI'm there to sight in to shoot good, I'll shoot one that I know is shooting good to make sure it isn't me. I've always done this. I've had bad days shootingbefore, I'm human. To tell you the truth though, the only guns I've had trouble sighting in have been slug guns. The recoil doesn't bother me. I don't know what it is.[/align][/align]I'm going to try Lightfield Slugs. [/align]
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