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Default RE: Finally Our Turn MA Hunters

Heard about a small buck that got hit running across a road yesterday morning around 8 here in northern MA.

I also saw a 6 point in a field with a doe!

Its on guys! I cant wait for Saturday...

PS > lets all try to keep on this bill that is open....Anne Gobi is very nice, I wrote her before in an email, lets all show our support and see if there is anything we can do.

Not trying to high jack this thread...lets keep it about MA sightings but thought this would be a good thing for all us MA guys.

Bill Number: MA H.B. 2315 & H.B. 749
Bill Status: Pending
HSUS Position: Oppose
Bill Sponsor(s): Reps. Ann Gobi (D, 5th Worcester) and Paul Frost (R, 7th Worcester)
Legislature Status: In Session

Last Action: 1/10/07: H.B. 2315 introduced and referred to the Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee. H.B. 749 introduced and referred to the Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture Committee.

H.B. 2315 allows Sunday hunting in the Commonwealth.
H.B. 749 expands the powers of the Director of Fisheries and Wildlife to authorize hunting on Sundays.

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