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You are a tool prozac. It amazes me that you have anything to say to anybody up here on the type of deer that are being shot. If I am right don't you live in WV but have to go to OHIO to do your hunting for bucks. I am happy that you have the common decency to let the small ones walk so they can get bigger, but how about a little praise for some guys for their first deer, and the understanding that public land hunts are a lot harder than paying someone in OHIO to scout, set up and drag, butcher and mount your "trophy" for you. If I am wrong about you let me know so I can apologize, the only way to prove me wrong is to show me some pics of you with some real deer from your home state not OHIO or someone elses famous deer. Now I am not the best hunter or am I bragging, but there is something to be said about someone who can go into an area about 6 or 7 square miles in size, scout it and set stands up according to food, bed and wind direction. Then take a mature buck, or any buck for that matter now if you have done that please show me some pics so I can stop ranting
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