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Default RE: Marketing or truth?

My buddy did athree tests once. I wasn't there but he is a German and is very technical. I will share what he shared with me.

He took his camo put it in the washing machine. Took it out and stuck it in the dryer using regular detergent. Under a black light it glowed.

Then he took his camo and washed it with the sport wash stuck it in the dryer and it glowed under the black light but not as much.

He then took a clean white rag and wiped down the entire dryer on the inside. Re-washed the camo with the sport wash and re-dryed it. He claims there were a couple of glowing spots but not much.

All this info is based on the premise that deer see in the UV spectra. I don't know if that is true or not though I've read data that says it is.

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