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Default Marketing or truth?

Ok, so I was rather bored this evening, so I was surfin the net.....I came across ATSKO's website, makers of Sport Wash and UV Killer. We discuss marketing strategies of different companies here quite often, what do you think of this one? Fact or Fiction?

There is a 1/2 hour video on their website concerning UV and deer vision. It actually made sense, but most marketing strategies do.

They took a piece of fabric and before washing it, it weighed .044 pounds. They washed it in Tide, dried it, and then it weighed .047. They then washed that same piece of fabric in Sport Wash, dried it, and it weighed .043. Sounds to me like there's a lot of soap residue left on my clothes.....With that residue would be "stink", correct?

Then of course the topic of UV light and brighteners was discussed.......So what do you guys think?
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