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Default RE: Finally Our Turn MA Hunters

Greatest day I ever had afield yesterday!

I saw a doe at 7:30, followed by what I think was a small buck (it started making a scrape but I couldnt see any head gear).

They 2 small 8 points followed by a larger 8 point all hit the scrape together....the first walked right under my stand and straight from me never presenting the vitals.

The 2nd one (twin to the 1st) started to take the same route with the big one behind him....only this one turned slightly...not knowing if the big one would ever give me a shot I took the 2nd 8 point at 8 yards and made a terrible shot front of the chest but cut the main artery and he went down 30 yds out.

Saw 3 more deer in the afternoon hunt! I will post pics once I get them off my buddies digital camera.

I am thinking about getting a mount done....anyone know a good taxidermist in MA?

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