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I have had trouble with the QAD. I bought the professional model. The "Velocity Drop-away Technology" or "VDT" created a real problem for me. Once tuned, the rest seemed to work very well. My bow (a Bowtec Guardian), was shooting great groups, much better than with the whisker bisquit I'd used before with my TomKat. I was trying the FOB fletching alternative. Works beautifully, until the VDT failed to work once. At that point, the FOB came flying off, my arrow took off into space without fletching, and the QAD internals were smashed. Now I have a $100 rest that lasted me exactly two days, less than 50 shots. I'm probably going to go with the Rip Cord rest. The VDT on the QAD is no reliable enough for the FOBs I want to use, with soft fletching you only get an errant shot. With FOBs... In the few shots I made with FOBs, I found them to be really very good. I'd like to stick with them, so I think the QAD is out.
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