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Number one friend is keep it simple don't get caught up in all the latest greatest hype first get comfortable with your bow, shoot often in short sessions and dial in your equipment until it feels like a part of you, October is somewhat slow in Michigancommonly referred to as the October lull . The last week of October usually heats up the bucks start moving and can be found intersecting trails that does use to go from food to bedding. find does from this week on through November and bucks should be close behind. Deer Hunting is a never ending learning experience concentrate on learning deer behavior and you will be able to siphon through all the hype, take what you need from the (experts) and create the style of hunting which you most enjoy because to me hunting is personal it is there for us to enjoy in our own way, use good judgment learn the best shot angles and enjoy nature. There is a wealth of knowledge on the INTERNET ,learn the basics and use real life hunts to put the pieces together.Success will come if youcover the basics and have Patience in the woods. Let him come to you. Be scent free be quite and be confident. good luck.
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