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I set up a steel bullet trap at my shooting range. I used 5/16 inch plate on about a 30 deg. angle. At 50 yds., using a 290gr TMZ pushed by 120 grs. of FFF - 777 the bullets completely flattened out and stayed intact. Every bullet I found looked just alike, because of the angle they hit the steel they looked like an eagle. I don't see how you could ask for any better performance. There also was a large bulge on the back side of the plate. They load too hard, in my Omega, with the yellow sabots, so I use a sub base and an HPH 24 sabot. I get about 5/8 inch groups, at 50 yds., with this combination.
I shot the TMZ today the 290g. They hold a 3" group at 100 yard, but I am getting 1.5" with the Parker Ballistic Extreme. I wish they shot accurate in my Savage, but they don't, so I can't use them when I know there is a more accurate bullet. I do like the way the hold together and don't fragment. A lotta guys over on the Savage board love them and go to great lengths to get them to shoot in their guns--"kurling them", subbases, switch sabots and powders all sorts of things. They seem to have a large following over there. The TMZ is a great bullet, you won't be dissapointed. Chap Gleason
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