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Nice routine Mr James, it will be very helpfull to a lot of people.
I was very lucky to havethe Olympic archery team here and was taken under wing by them. They worked with me for over a year and I was shooting 90 meters with them. The focus they have and the training they are put through is amazing, but it isn't just about shooting a bow. They do a lot of weight training[for endurance more so than strength] and cardio work. The mind and body stuff. Thanks to them I am very comfortable with a bow in my hands at 80yds.
One thing I would add to the routine above by Mr James. When you are in the woods don't leave the bow at home, shoot first then use the range finder. Learn to feel distance more than judge it, a zen thing. And I know that this is easier in CO than it would be in NY, I came from there by the way, we don't have all the under growth here to deal with.But the other part of stump shooting is the up and down shots at low to high angles through shadows. It will improve your shooting and judgement skills. My mind set: There is no score only this shot.
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