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yea i might check out both. fort meade has a 6 pt. minimum (learned that from my man dougmd last year). i also have heard good things about pretty boy. im thinking thats about 30 minutes from my house. last year there was a deadline to register by, but i think they have elimiated that this year, you jus have to fill out a form and carry it with you. has anyone ever hunted here? killed any deer? im would defintely like to give it a try. i also might hunt at elk neck state park, as i saw alot of deer sign there last year, actually tons of it, and saw a few deer (no real bucks tho). i appreciate the info i jus want to be sure that im ready in a month when the season opens. in the past years, i have sort of "wong" it and jus hunted when and where i could, hoping a deer would walk by me, this year i want to be sure that deer are in the area ya know, and feel more confident. thanks alot for the info guys, im going to check out both spots online and see what i can find
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